Welcome to Lune Valley Dog Training Club agility section.

There are many of us who are glued to our televisions each year marvelling at the handlers and their dogs taking part in what is becoming a very popular pastime, dog agility at Crufts.   The competitors make it look effortless and it could almost be said that the dogs just seem to know where they are going of their own accord, but these dogs have not got to the pinnacle of success without the dedication from their handlers, and in some cases this can take years to perfect.

For those of you who do not know, agility is the ability to guide your dog round an obstacle course consisting of jumps, weave poles, an A frame, dog walk, a tyre, a seesaw and most dogs favourite, the tunnel.  All of this has to be achieved without incurring any penalty points and all within a set time usually consisting of seconds rather than minutes, so this should give you an indication that some level of fitness will be required by both you and your dog.

If you have never taken part in agility before and are keen to make a start then our taster  course will give you a good introduction to the basics.  Once the five week course has been completed you can continue to build up your skills sufficiently enough to go on to start competing at shows if you so wish.  These are held throughout the Country  all year round with a good choice of nearby venues available if you do not feel inclined to travel too far.
If on the other hand competing is not what you had in mind, we still welcome those who would just rather come along and have fun with their dogs.

Our pooches can get over excited when they first start to train and a degree of control over them is essential, so we will ask you to demonstrate with your dog some rudimentary obedience such as sit/stay and recall commands.  Whilst this is basic obedience it is very much a requirement in order for you to sign up. 

If you are feeling inspired to start agility classes and your dog is aged 12 months or over, then please click on our class times page for details on how to go about it.

For any experienced dogs and handlers we may be able to offer you a place subject to availability but if you would like to join us then please send details to Roz at and we will see if we can slot you in one of our regular classes.